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Skewed Orbit

I worked with the Skewed Orbit founders, Rachel LaForce and Alex Gettlin, to create a sleek site for their up-and-coming production company.


Rachel LaForce

I worked closely with Rachel to revamp her website to enhance the user experience. I used the assets created by her brand designer to personalize the site's design while keeping the layout simple, yet vast enough to display Rachel's body of work.


Antisocial Distance

Mirroring Passover of 2020 (can we call it a period piece?), this voyeuristic dramedy series takes place over eight consecutive days and follows Josephine as she tries desperately to avoid her life, religion, and sexuality while in lockdown at the onset of Covid-19.


Avital Ash

Avital is a multi-hyphenate artist that needed an updated website to adequately showcase her work in acting, writing, directing, and stand up.


Heliam Crafts

Mother and daughter team, Terry and Irma, have always had a love for making things. They have made personal and unique gifts for their families for years. One day with the help of the third generation of their creative family, they decided to sell their crafts, which include hair accessories, kitchen supplies, and anything else they can think of creating. 



'Thirsty’ is a dark comedy/drama anthology series that examines what modern courtship, sex, and love look like on dates between damaged individuals. 

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